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      "BLESSED (HAPPY, fortunate, prosperous, and enviable) is the man who walks and lives not in the counsel of the ungodly [following their advice, their plans, and purposes], nor stands [submissive and inactive] in the path where sinners walk, nor sits down [to relax and rest] where the scornful [and the mockers] gather." Psalms 1:1 Amplified Bible
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"When needs are met relationships flourish!"

Christian Couples Therapy
     It is important to realize that couples therapy, marriage counseling, and marital therapy are all the same.  These different names have been used to describe the same process, with the difference often based on which psychotherapy theory favored by the psychologist, mental health counselor, licensed minister or clinical social worker using the term, or whether an insurance company requires a specific name for reimbursement.  Christian Couples Therapy is also different in that the couple prefers a therapist who understands, accepts, and practices Christian principles in defining and interpreting the relationship between individuals according to a standard higher than that of humanity---Christ.
     Christian couples therapy is often seen as different from psychotherapy because a relationship is the focus of attention instead of one individual diagnosed with a specific psychological problem. This relationship is set on the backdrop of the Christian values of the couple.  This difference only arises if you consider psychological problems to be similar to medical illnesses, and therefore confined to a "sick" individual who needs treatment. That medical model of psychological diagnosis and treatment is common, but is really inadequate to describe and resolve psychological problems. All psychological problems, and all psychological changes, involve both individual symptoms (behavior, emotions, conflicts, thought processes, physical state) and changes in interpersonal relationships.
     Christian couples therapy focuses on the problems existing in the relationship between two people. But, these relationship problems generally involve individual symptoms and problems, as well as relationship conflicts. For example, if you are constantly arguing with your spouse, you will probably also be chronically anxious, angry or depressed (or all three). Or, if you have difficulty controlling your temper, you will have more arguments with your partner.
      In couples therapy, the psychologist, mental health counselor, licensed minister or clinical social worker will help you and your partner identify the conflict issues within your relationship, and will help you decide what changes are needed in the relationship and in the behavior of each partner, for both of you to feel satisfied with the relationship.  BHCTI therapists use a variety of self-report inventories and clinical measures instruments which have been found to be stable over time in measuring couples' satisfaction. A baseline is determined and qualitative and quantitative results can be measured to assess the efficacy of therapy which has been shown through numerous studies and from client self-reports to be helpful in helping them identify problem areas affecting relationship satisfaction.
     These changes may be different ways of interacting within the relationship, or they may be individual changes related to personal psychological problems. Couples therapy involves learning how to communicate more effectively, and how to listen more closely. Couples must learn how to avoid competing with each other, and need to identify common life goals and how to share responsibilities within their relationship. Sometimes the process is very similar to individual psychotherapy, sometimes it is more like mediation, and sometimes it is educational.

      Often, a power greater than ourselves from Whom we may gain insight is a helpful perspective of millions worldwide who find comfort in, especially since spiritual values, possible psychological problems, genetics, upbringing, medical conditions, cultural and differences influence how we view ourselves and our partners, affecting the way we communicate and interact. 
Christian Family Therapy
      Many of our clients want to know their spiritual values are celebrated.  They frequently come to us complaining of secular humanist therapists whose "knowledge is god mentality" repulsed them and was not a good fit for them or their family.

       BHCTI's Christian therapists are Christians first.  We recognize the need for knowledgeable preparation for the differential diagnostic evaluation of problems, whether spiritual, mental, or physical for a more holistic approach to family wellness and greater benefit from the therapeutic process.  Our licensed ministers are graduates of respected theological universities prepared to help families live their lives according to the Judaeo-Christian-Hebrew Ethic.  Our approach to therapy is a holistic one that involves a multi-disciplinary approach utilizing the best of Eastern and Western relationship research synthesized through the filter of God's WORD--the Hebrew Scriptures.
 Cross-Cultural Relationship Therapy
  • Communication barriers and pitfalls
  • Reconciling cross-cultural norms
  • Child Raising differences
  • Body Language, communications decibels, interpretation
  • Discipline Strategies for a healthy home
  • Chores:  The distribution of work in the home
  • Competition , Jealousy, and Strife - A down payment on divorce
  • I Love you; What does that mean?
    The issues facing inter-racial and cross-cultural couples are the same as those facing other couples with a few additional concerns which, when understood, create no more stress in their lives than in traditional same-culture or same-race couples.  BHCTI therapists are specifically trained to be sensitive to the unique concerns often raised by couples like these.  Some of the issues cross-cultural couples and families face include:
  • How do we ensure our children understand and appreciate each culture's heritage?
  • How do we broach sensitive subjects which may generate anger towards a specific group when the history of human enslavement may be in the ancestral past?
  • How and when is it appropriate to talk about issues of race?
  • Do I tell my child racism no longer exists or do I prepare him/her for what may be inquiring questions from peers simply because they may look atypical for their identifying group?
  • Which group does my child belong to?
  • How does the spouse with a child that does not identify with them deal with feelings of parental rejection?
  • What are age-appropriate communications as they apply to sexuality and the active bi-racial adolescent?
  • What type of anger issues should I anticipate from my bi-racial or cross-cultural or cross religions child?
  • What choices do I leave up to my child and what choices are necessary to healthy parental leadership?
  • I am the divorced single parent of a bi-racial or cross-cultural child. Now what?
  • My child seems confused about his/her identity and is experiencing depression.  What can I do?
  • I am not comfortable talking to my child about disparity among and between racial groups.  I feel powerless to prepare him/her for school, dating, and social situations.  Where do I get help?

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