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Your generous donations are used to provide counseling and support group services to clients diagnosed with mental health concerns. 

These conditions are significant when they are causing impairment or negative affects in one of the four major areas of functioning within their lives (e.g., home/personal/interpersonal school/educational, social settings or in the workplace).


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Opportunities for you to DONATE may be facilitated in the interim by contacting Bishop William Barnes of the Father's House International which sponsors all projects under its command to Go into ALL the WORLD teaching them ALL things concerning ME, saith the LORD.  You may mail donations to The Fathers House  2510 1st Avenue South, Suite 400, St Petersburg, FL 33712  or contact  Bishop Barnes directly at 757-541-8441.  Thank You.

Disclaimer:  BHCTI provides counseling services under the auspices and authority of the Comforters House International Ministries, a non-denominational, non-secular Christian Church. We utilize a Master's Degree or higher qualified counselors trained in mental health, clinical social work, psychology, psychiatry, theology and complementary alternative medicine, prepared from various fields of specialty to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness.  The information on this site has been researched for accuracy and is presented here for educational purposes only.  It should not be used to diagnose, treat, or be used in any specific medical situation.  Please consult your doctor in the treatment of any specific illness or disease. Copyright 2008 - 2020

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