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"Your statutes are my delight (Oh LORD); they are my counselors." Psalm 119:24
BHCTI - a non-secular, faith-based holistic approach to saving lives

"On behalf of the doctors, therapists, staff, and interns of Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute (BHCTI), I want to thank the clients listed below for their kind words of appreciation. 

Most of all, I want to thank God, the Father, and Head of the Church, who called and appointed us to this wonderful mission field of Christian Community Mental Health service.
The progress we made together is, in large part, to be credited to our clients for the determination and steadiness they each demonstrated as they worked through the painful issues that impacted their lives and the wonderful staff who without them, I would not be so available to do what we do together....Heal the sick., set captives free, bind up them that are bruised.... 
Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to serve you and thank you for your willingness to share your story."  

---  Dr. William Barnes, PhD., DCC - CEO / Director

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"This letter of thanks goes to the team of professionals at Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute.  Special thanx goes to Dr. William Barnes, Ms. Brenda Woods, LMHC, and Dr. Boris Kawliche, MD.  You guys have the most caring staff of any mental health agency i have ever been to....and i have been to a lot over my 37 years, beginning as early as age 4.  No one could get my bipolar depression and manic symptoms under control.  They just did not stick with me long enough.  That genetic test you guys did was so helpful in ruling out psychotropic meds likely not to work with me and was spot on. Dr. Kawliche was very patient with me and took time to hear how my life had gone through so much trauma.  I found this so unusual for a psychiatrist.  Combined with medical management, Dr. Barnes work with me in the workbook we used which helped me identify the distorted thinking I routinely engaged in that kept me depressed most of the time.  I understand more than ever thoughts were determining how I felt and feelings determined how i would act.  My family cannot believe how improved my interactions with them are now and I owe so much to your team, Dr. Barnes.  Thank you for helping me see how all or nothing thinking, blaming, mental filtering, and self-defeating beliefs about so much of my life kept me overwhelmed, frustrtated, irritated, neurotic, and erratic. (FINE).  Fine was my favorite brevity of conversation just to get people to leave me alone in my depression.  I am not FINE anymore.  Now, I can express myself in a way that does not push people away, cut them to shreds with indifference, or make them wish they had never asked.  I feel better about me and I want others to know.  The combination therapeutic approach was right for me.  I can't wait until you get your Bipolar Depression & Mania Support Group going in July this year.  Thanks again ."    -- Regina.  FL
"Dr. William is simply amazing.  I have grown so much personally and professionally since I decided to give internet counseling a chance.  His gentle manner and insightful understanding of my issues empowered me to take charge of my life in a culture which still oppresses women. Nonetheless, with Dr. William's help, I have learned to assert myself and not be a victim.  I have helped other women in the horrible sex industry as a NGO social worker to resist the most inhumane dignity a society could impose upon another human being.  The global access to one another via the internet has provided me a constant source of spiritual, emotional, and psychological support never before imaginable.  I tell my friends, my therapist is Dr. William Barnes in United States.  He can help you, too!!"  Nong I. - Social Worker, Thailand
     "Most of my adult life has been a meltdown waiting to happen.  My false pretense of security was plagued with self-doubt, inner loneliness, and a barrage of sexual encounters to mask the codependency.  The only time I felt good was when I was having sex.  But, it was empty because the intimacy was absent.  Afraid to trust, unable to get close to anyone, although I desperately wanted closeness, I felt weirdly inept, unless I was on alcohol or drugs, and then I didn't care.  A friend of mine handed me BHCTI's card and directed me to this website.  He had shared his story of codependency, addiction, and personal lack of self esteem.... I didn't know a Black man would put it all out there like that but he did.  I found myself holding back the tears from feeling so sad.  I wanted to end the toxic lifestyle, end the toxic people, end my own toxic sense of self.
     I figured I had nothing to lose so I called Dr. William Barnes.  He told me when we began, "Your life will never be the same again.."  Those words were life to me.  I don't feel needy anymore.  The dysfunctional childhood and acquired emptiness came from a mother who spent her whole life trying to find her father in other men....and I was doing the same in other women.  Although, I am attracted only to women, I had not realized how I had grown to dislike them, always seeing my mother in them and choosing dysfunctional females as sexual partners.  Through Gestalt Therapy with Dr. Barnes and role playing, I was able to get the anger and rage I felt deep within from childhood neglect out.  I have forgiven my mother and feel empathy for her rather than loathing.  I am in a healthy open and monogamous relationship for the first time in my life.  Because of my dysfunctional past, it did not feel normal at first.  My girlfriend has been very patient and at the suggestion of my therapist we are in therapy to protect what we have together.  I am glad my friend gave me your card.  I have since passed it on to another whom I hope will contact you.  God bless you for your holistic counseling approach.  It's very different, and my life has never been the same." M. T. - Corporate CEO, Tampa, FL

     “Raising three boys alone these days is tough.  Divorce really affected all of us in ways unanticipated and the circumstances of our separation has left them bitter at me and their father.  I did not know what to do.  With all the pain we were all feeling--me feeling betrayed, them feeling abandoned, them blaming me for refusing to live in an intolerable cocaine marriage, the loneliness, the anger, the emotional roller coaster, and the regrets of the past prevented me from being able to move forward. 
     My health began to suffer from all the stress.  The weight gain, a new diagnosis of borderline diabetes, and one unrewarding relationship after another only added to my children's pain and furthered my downward spiral.   After talking to Dr. Barnes, I knew there was a pathway for healing for me and my family.  It would take time and required a  commitment to therapy but I was ready for a change.  I feel better after months of therapy about myself and am no longer in and out of relationships looking for somebody to rescue me.  I can do it myself!  My boys are going through many transitions, but now they have a more clearly focused mom---one who is healing inside.  Without therapy, I could not be as certain of my own skills as I now am.  The confidence I feel now is great!  Thank you, Dr. (William) Barnes.”  - Clara L. - Educator, Arizona
    “In this day and age, it’s hard to find a therapist you can trust. Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why –the quality of service I received was outstanding. It was important to us to have a Christian counselor anchored in a perspective that is not secular-humanistic. Thank you for helping us find each other again and for the wonderful homeopathic remedies which facilitated our ability to listen to each other and love again.” 
Sandy & Jorge H., Safety Harbor, FL
    “It was so nice to find a doctor who was interested in the whole person.   It is so unheard of.  Dr. Barnes knows that each aspect of a person affects the other parts of the person and they are all integrated. Most doctors don't look at you in that way. You feel like cattle. They do not make you feel like a person anymore.

     When you have  a health problem, you want to know your doctor cares about you,  the person.  Community mental health counseling from a multi-disciplinary approach sounded interesting.  I had to find out how a holistic approach was different from cognitive-behavioral therapy alone. 

The dramatic change in my skin, energy level, and my  emotional, mental, psychological attitude reassures me I am on the right  path.  I no longer feel depressed because I have hope. Homeopathic education is worth exploring especially when you have as many allergies as I do.  The quality of  my life and the joy I get from life is so much better.  I am no longer  bogged down by the weight of my illness!” 

Linda A.,  Business Administration - Clearwater, FL
     "I am now a  single parent as a result of the untimely death of my husband.    I floundered, loss in my grief with no hope.  I continued to go to work but it was obvious to my coworkers the love of my life was gone and my desire to go on was absent.  A close friend appealed to me to  contact Dr. (William) Barnes, a therapist, who had helped her from what seemed to me a million miles away. I sent him an email and the next day I got this reply, "Hello, Ms. R, I am deeply sorry to hear of your loss. Losing a loved one with whom we have a significant pair-bond brings up many confusing and perplexing emotions.    I am glad you have decided to explore these. In doing so, you and I will together see the joy come back into your eyes. 
     Our Heavenly Father has particularly gifted me to help you walk along this journey discovering once again abounding peace and endless joy, while retaining the pleasant memories of a spouse who was and remains so dear to you.  I look forward to our journey....."  I needed the hope your email resonated within it.....and now I understand what you were alluding to.  I am alive again! Thank you so much. It is my fondness pleasure to recommend you and your total wellness approach. I had no idea how much of my inner self I had neglected to nurture.  I feel whole and can't wait to start each day, expecting something new."  Vilma  R., Franchise Director  - Cavite, Philippines

    "My son has been using marijuana and other street drugs since he was 12 years old.  He is now 50 and back home with me after several failed marriages.  Although he is my only son, I realize I have a right to live without the torment of his choices.  I have been an enabler covering up for him most of his life... No more!  My low esteem was making me feel like a failure as a mother when I had raised my son so differently.  Like so many moms out there wanting the love of their sons at any price, I was committing psychological incest, a term Dr. (William) Barnes uses to describe the behavior of a parent who substitutes her son's affections for the affections of a former husband or lover, placing demands for time and attention upon that child as though he was the spouse and without physical sexual interactions.  I made my son a mama's boy, and what a disaster that has become.  Thank you, Dr. Barnes for straight talk in therapy.  I am so much stronger and can let go.  It is time for him to be a man and stop the irresponsible pleasure seeking frivalty of a mindless pot-headed boy."    Jane K.  - Retired Investment Banker, Long Island, NY
     “I met a compassionate healer--a spiritual healer--a whole person  healer! I met a person who really gets it--a spiritual, mental, and physical healer. I had no experience with homeopathy. Dr. (William)Barnes opened  my eyes to effective medicine and treatment that began to heal my body when conventional western medicine had failed me. At first I was skeptical, but had an open mind to homeopathy. For me, that began my journey from sickness and infection toward wellness. Holistic counseling psychology works. I heartily endorse the holistic therapies and practices of Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute.” Dr. Jennifer J.  - Educator / Counselor - Shepherdsville, KY
    “Dr. (William) Barnes has helped me discover the blessedness of self acceptance and the blissful peace that one can know on a daily basis. After much hard work and 50 weeks of psychotherapy client-directed  supportive counseling with Dr. Barnes brought me a real  breakthrough in understanding my needs.  I cannot thank him enough! I am thankful for his pioneering venture into internet counseling when others said it could not be done or wouldn't be effective. I am living proof his unconventional wisdom and holistic approach to wellness works!” Heidi J - Business Owner - Germany
    “A chronic disease like sickle cell anemia, with literally hundreds of hospitalizations and too many blood transfusions to count takes a toll on the human spirit.  Constantly facing physical life-threatening crises with no sense of stability of health wears on the psyche. My family was stressed by the uncertainty associated with what might happen next, and unconsciously, so was I.  Dr. (William)Barnes inspired me in therapy to work with what I had and built upon my strengths.  My sense of self changed.  He awakened something in me. 
      I gained the strength to finish college, bring peace to my marriage, and saw my illness as an opportunity for God to work His strength into my weakness.  Christian Homeopathic Counseling and a counseling philosophy that is very unique helped me see options instead of illness, hope instead of despair, and my photography business has reconnected me to a new self image that was absolutely non existent before Dr. Barnes helped me beat the depression chronic illness had dumped on me.  I highly recommend Barnes Holistic Counseling Institute!”  Michael Jackson - Photographer Extraordinare, Orlando, FL
   “After only weeks of therapy, and his knowledgeable assistance with a parasitic infection (hookworm) and human demodex mites I acquired from my dog sleeping in my bed, the remedies Dr.Barnes suggested greatly reduced my anxiety and cleared me of the infection.  My skin had lots of exit wounds which had been described as 'hypersensitive skin.' 
     The multiple therapies used by BHCTI targeted the root problems, not just symptoms.  My mood gradually stabilized, the skin healed, the insomnia, which had been a nightmare ended and the feelings of crawling and itching were markedly reduced.  So many reasons to give thanks.  I cannot thank God enough for leading me to Dr. (Wm.) Barnes and Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute!” Elizabeth A., Clearwater, FL
    “Delusions of parasitosis is the diagnosis so many are being given by unqualified doctors who have no understanding of zoonotic diseases. I had a lengthy travel history and bites beyond measure from mosquitoes while traveling in South America.  I knew what I was feeling in my legs, abdomen, arms, and heart.  My lymph nodes were enlarged and MRI showed subcutaneous nodules suggesting filariasis, but nobody listened.---until the LORD brought Dr. Barnes into my life.  A global traveler himself and a true self educated parasitic researcher helping missionaries worldwide, he recognized my symptoms.  What a relief I felt when live-cell microscopy analysis  showed paragonimas westermani flukes in the blood.  The picture was worth a thousand words.  When my infectious disease doctor saw the live blood microscopy photo, she said, "When did you go outside the country?'  I replied, 'I lived and grew up in Korea with my father who was in the military!  Homeopathic counseling therapies has helped me to trust my own gut rather than to ascribe my own good judgment to so-called experts, thanks to BHCTI, and has opened me to a whole new world of safe and effective health alternatives without the dangerous side effects of most prescription drugs.  Thank you Dr. (Barnes) for swimming against the current in search for cures to illnesses which supposedly don't exist in America!  My dermatologist and general practitioner have not apologized for the misdiagnoses, needless suffering, or the anguish they caused., but it is now okay. I have a support system now with people who understand the whole clinical picture,  thanks to your team.” Sarah M. - Registered Nurse, Pinellas, FL
     “I thought I was losing my mind.  The psychotropic medications I was prescribed were making matters worse.  Instead of tests being done to rule out an organic cause, my doctors admitted they had no clue how to treat Lyme's 
Disease but were only too glad to dismiss me as a high maintenance patient which they did not want to take care of.  The disease was too time consuming, the symptoms too overwhelming, and the fee for service too little.  After all, what can you do for chronic disease in a 6 minute office visit?  Answer---tell the patient it is all in their head and treat the periphery.  The therapist at BHCTI did a 2-hour initial consult to understand my history from my earliest memory from head to toe.  It was my first exposure to homeopathic counseling practice which considered organic and non organic as well as experiential traumas which affect sensitivities.  I learned to listen to my spirit - my inner voice, my mind, and my body.  Positive serology for Lyme and trichinosis, diseases that supposedly do not exist in this country according to my doctor, made me at first disgusted with the doctors who blew me off; then I forgave them after realizing they are just trained so inadequately in the US.  At last, thanks to Dr. (Wm) Barnes and staff, I was on track for treatment that has restored me to balance.” Dr. C. L. G. - Professor, Saint Petersburg, FL
“When my daughter suggested my husband see Dr. Barnes for a severe itchy scaly rash my husband had on his arms and legs, I was reluctant.  I knew nothing about homeopathic educational counseling.  I had no idea what a wonderful Christian man my husband and I was going to have the pleasure of knowing. My husband was digging his skin to the pain of bleeding and he thought it was from prescription drugs which he was taking, all of which indicated itching as a side effect.  I did not realize I was also infected with the same problem until the fresh red scaly injuries from scratching had been pointed out.  A complicated diagnosis was proposed by my husband's dermatologist. It was scabies---a human demodex mite--most likely from stray cats we had rescued.  And the treatment protocol used by BHCTI proved it.  They came out of our skin right before our eyes.  Thanks Dr. Barnes for showing us the meaning of scripture in practical applications to healing.  God does have a pathway of healing for us all. My husband and I are improving! ” Danielle T. - Seminole, FL  (Picture above shows woman with sarcoptic and demodex scabies mite infestation)
"My job was consuming all my time and I was neglecting my spouse and my kids.  I was climbing the corporate ladder thinking I was doing the best thing for our family.  Complaints from my spouse went ignored as I thought she was unsupportive and nagging.  She admits she was at times, but these were just cries of loneliness which fell on deaf ears.  I was under so much pressure to succeed.  One poor judgment followed another until I found my children happy not to be around me because I was so personally unhappy and stressed out that the whole family felt stressed when I was home.  This was an awful feeling. I was Daddy, yet I felt like the enemy.  My spouse would not come to therapy, so I braved it alone.  As a man, I was not used to sharing my problems with another man.  Dr. (Wm) Barnes made me comfortable with that.  I need a man from my culture to communicate with.  He understood where I was coming from and I now regard him as my mentor, therapist, and friend.  Because of him, I was able to see my mistakes, accept responsibility for them, forgive myself, and understand why each family member's needs are different and need to be considered.  He taught me many things. 'Balance is a crucial component of success or misery soon follows,' he would say.  I am less absorbed with myself.  My children now tell me they love me.  They are not on pins and needles when I am home and are glad to see me walk through the door.  That's a really big improvement! "
--- Anthony M. - Business Executive - St Petersburg, FL
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