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V O L U N T E E R      O F    T H E      M O N T H


     Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute, Global Access to Improved Mental Health, Somebody Cares Tampa Bay, Somebody Cares St Petersburg, The Father's House International Ministries, and The All Patients Kidney Support Group  recognize the amazing contributions of volunteers and their impact on our local communities, Working together to make things better!

Volunteer of the Month

An Interview with Phyllis Denise  
J A N U A R Y  2 0 2 0

Volunteering since August 2018 at Back to School Fairs and other community food giveaway events
     Phyllis D. is a paraprofessional at Lakewood Elementary School.  She expresses a love for the LORD and has volunteered at community events such as the BHCTI Back to School Fair participation in the Pinellas County event.  She loves working with our children ever so patiently.


Requirements for Volunteering with the organizations above, include being able to successfully pass a background check.

We also randomly drug screen volunteers for the safety of our communities.  Persons with a medical marijuana card are not considered positive for using prescribed cannabis for any treatable condition their doctor and they are privately treating.
A positive cannibals screen would not have any impact on your eligibility to volunteer your services to your community, under these circumstances.  Your privacy will be protected.

Persons with concealed weapons permits may not bring weapons onto the properties or at events of any of the organizations listed above.  Of course, this does not apply to law enforcement officers, or the Father's House International Ministries (FHIM) Security Team personnel.