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    Now that the holidays are over, let's get busy doing the work of healing ourselves.
       - Dr.William Barnes

Dr William Barnes, Founder
2019 marks 15 years Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute, LLC (BHCTI) has been providing counseling and mental health services to the St. Petersburg and Pinellas County families.  Thank you for your confidence and trust.  Unfortunately, we are ending our participation in Medicaid and private insurance programs in order to bring you cutting-edge holistic therapeutic services, excellent health products, and community events to increase mental health awareness for a higher quality of life for the residents of St. Petersburg and the world.  You deserve it!


STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE     We are refocusing our church sponsored agency away from the traditional counseling disease-based model paradigm to a holistic "whole person"  wellness model, practiced by the global wellness community.  Treating symptoms rarely leads to a solution to most problems.  The Christian Holy Bible tells believers, "Lay the axe to the root," referring to the problems of the resistant and broken nature of humanity Luke 3:9)  The eight pillars of holistic wellness are: 1) physical wellness, 2) emotional wellness, 3) Social Wellness, 4) Spiritual wellness, 5)  Intellectual wellness, 6) occupational wellness, 7) Financial wellness, & 8) Environmental wellness.  Learn more...

     The holistic wellness model, though preventive and more effective,  is currently not covered by most insurance companies in the U.S. Even though it is the preferred wellness model by the global community, treating the whole person (spirit, mind, and body) and yields greater client satisfaction, and reports better patient outcomes according to numerous health and wellness peer-reviewed research journals.  It's cognitive behavioral therapy on steroids, combining multiple healthcare strategies and disciplines, working together for a total wellness (holistic wellness) therapeutic outcome. In the holistic therapeutic approach, psycho-education of alternate treatment modalities come to life with allopathic medications only playing a very minor role in the treatment of root causes and for minimum duration, where needed.  Each of the eight pillars of holistic wellness plays a pivotal role in your overall well-being and life satisfaction. Always take a holistic approach, and remember that balance is key! 



A healthy self-image is appropriately     Holistic counseling psychology helps individuals by providing clients a collaborative growth experience where you are the equal partner in the therapeutic relationship.  

    Some of the benefits of Holistic Counseling Therapy includes having better relationships, experiencing less anxiety, overcoming depression, changing distorted thinking, having greater self confidence, regaining emotional balance, improving your personality, pursuing better career choices, practicing increased assertiveness, experiencing less stress, lower health-care costs, and feeling more in control of your life by properly processing your options more clearly.  Is like being born again and experiencing a new you that you like and feel good about!


Choices Made in Anger often leads to regrets for which there is no remedy    "Health is Our First Wealth"

     Once communities stop making counseling therapeutic choices based upon what an insurance company will or won't cover and start deciding what they want in terms of holistic wellness, they will gladly recognize the better value and transition to the idea of "Health is Our First Wealth!"  For three dollars ($3.00) a day for individual or family counseling,  we believe clients will gladly choose to pay out of pocket for a therapeutic model that will literally transform their life. 
      As one client put it, "The money saved through participation in BHCTI's FREE Food Distribution Help For Families Program more than allows me to have money to pay for counseling services that are improving my life and the lives of my children.  I am becoming an Authoritative parent which my kids appreciate versus the Authortarian parent I learned to be from my parents who did the best they could, not knowing how negative my emotions became under that overbearing controlling authoritarian parenting style.  I became my parents and almost lost my children."


        FREE Food Distribution Help For Families Program, A Success

Pastor Eddie Robinson:  COMING SOON: PASTOR ROBINSON'S CORNER    Thanks to Pastor Eddie Robinson and his soulmate SaraLee Robinson, we are helping clients and their families with food boxes based on the number of family members FREE, in partnership with SOMEBODY CARES ST. PETERSBURG.  With food stamp services being cut for even our poorest families, this is a valuable service to our community.  Pastor Robinson and his wife are true diamonds in our community and in cooperation with Somebody Cares Tampa Bay, was recognized for distributing over a million pounds of food in Pinellas County, supplying over 66 Food Banks in our area.  Volunteers are needed.  If you wish to volunteer, or if you are in need of food assistance, please contact us by completing the form under contact us and in the comments section, simply write the words "FOOD ASSISTANCE REQUEST or I WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER to HELP with the FOOD DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM AT BARNES HOLISTIC.  Our goal at Barnes Holistic Counseling is to help meet the needs of the whole person, Body, Mind, and Spirit.  "Jesus fed the people, for they were hungry."


    Spiritual Maturity:  God's Pathway to Healing Our Lives

     In an era in which an American President reports, "I do not pray to God.  I do not ask God for forgiveness," secular humanism behaves as if it is threatened by Judeo-Christian values and ethics.   

     Our clients are experiencing renewed faith and reporting real transformation in their lives after receiving godly counseling, where there Christian, Muslim, Jewish or other religious values are strengths social work research recognizes and encourage culturally diverse GOD is FIRST and everything else are only tools to build upon a foundation that leads to genuine cognitive behavioral change, and spiritual maturity.  It's a journey in REAL HOLISTIC WELLNESS that dates back to my Hebrew Ancestors... for thousands of years.

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Wally Prechter's fight to cure bipolar disorder
When she began her fight to find the cure for Bipolar Disorder, Waltraud "Wally" Prechter did it to honor her husband and to save her daughter. After ten years of fighting, and having started the fund...
    We are still standing because the LORD is with us as HE promised HE would be on this awesome journey of serving HIM and educating HIS people and those who come to BHCTI for holistic (whole-person) counseling therapeutic services.

Volunteers help provide food, clothing, and prayer to community residents     Our competitors want to peddle drugs and peddle dependency as a never-ending cycle.  Then, after you have followed their directions, they accuse you of being drug-seeking after they have made you dependent.  Let me show you how to get off most of these harmful drugs with all their negative side effects, naturally, with tried and proven holistic solutions that are over the counter, do not require prescriptions, and do not create addiction.  

    It makes them money and keeps you dependent on therapies that have a 90% failure rate which drug treatment rehab centers report as a 10% success rate.  I call it what it is...a 90% documented failure.  My competitors file anonymous complaints (according to one health administration agent who found no reason for the complaint) to the state because of feeling their money-making state-sponsored schemes that don't work are threatened as an attempt to hurt our agency.  Clients don't want to be placed on addictive drugs and complain, "All they (other agencies) want to do is put me on drugs, Dr. Barnes.  They are not interested in alternative approaches used by the global community or the use of natural substances."

STAFF & DR BARNES CELEBRATES ETHINICALLY  DIVERSITY CHOICE IN COUNSELORS AT BHCTI  Do your own homework before choosing a counselor to assist you on your wellness journey.  Cultural diversity threatens my competitors who hire counselors with no understanding of the needs of a diverse population.   How can counselors that don't know your culture or respect your values help you? If you think racial discrimination does not exist in the counseling field, think again.  It's not just the White House that is abusing its power.  It's rampant and widespread, according to ethnic and disabled clients,' veterans' and parents of school-aged children who report these occurrences to our therapists and this writer.

    Our culturally-diverse clients complain of therapists at other agencies who have no idea how to help them because their prejudices and biases limit them from being able to even see or hear them!  The horror stories are documented in my notes and represent the shared psychosis of people who believe they are superior just because they are from a different race than their clients or because of a difference in socioeconomic status. 

     Biased therapists, according to social research universities, blame persons in crisis (blame the victim) for the traumas of their lives with no understanding of the historical disgrace of daily perpetuated racism in America, AND ITS IMPACT on non-white communities.  How dare I believe people are intelligent enough to recognize the fraud of patronization?  How dare I say, you are not from a "shithole nation" just because the majority culture accepts a president that disgraces the value of non-white people in America?  How dare I tell people you are not just a number but the wonderful and beautiful creation of a Holy GOD?  How dare I educate clients on the truth about addiction, as Dr. Stanton Peele also does?  According to Peele's research,

     "Change is natural. You no doubt act very differently in many areas of your life now compared with how you did when you were a teenager. Likewise, over time you will probably overcome or ameliorate certain behaviors: a short temper, crippling insecurity. For some reason, we exempt addiction from our beliefs about change. In both popular and scientific models, addiction is seen as locking you into an inescapable pattern of behavior. Both folk wisdom, as represented by Alcoholics Anonymous, and modern neuroscience regard addiction as a virtually permanent brain disease. No matter how many years ago your uncle Joe had his last drink, he is still considered an alcoholic. The very word addict confers an identity that admits no other possibilities. It incorporates the assumption that you can’t, or won’t, change. But this fatalistic thinking about addiction doesn’t jibe with the facts. More people overcome addictions than do not. And the vast majority do so without therapy." - Dr. Stanton Peele, Ph.D.

     Psychotropics are destroying the brains of users, making them less capable of functioning without them.  Pain management and the abuse of opiods pill mills has led to many doctors being imprisoned for willful addiction of the public to get rich.  Big Pharma, the medical profession, and the insurance companies are in bed together to get more people dependent on DRUG THERAPY!  It creates more customers for them.  Research how the government has been complicit and negligent in protecting consumers because Congress has been bought with drug money contributions to their reelection campaigns?  YOU DESERVE BETTER FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT!  

President of National Organization of Negro Women endorse Dr. Barnes & Barnes Holistic CounselingCommunity Event held by National Organization of Negro Women     We, at Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute, will continue to educate the public regardless of false claims, ridiculous assertions, and hold accountable those who dare attempt to defame or soil our reputation of 97% out of 100% scores by State audits for the past 15 years....the highest in Pinellas County, according to our auditors.  If other agencies were doing what we are doing, they would not be losing patients to us.  

Get over it!  Incompetence, indifference to under-served populations, racial profiling of patients, and abuse of the poor in America has been the norm for hundreds of years.  Well, patients now have an advocate with BHCTI and a CHOICE! 

     We respect you, the client, and understand what it is like to have condescending counselors and doctors and nurses marginalize your values, think they know what is best for you, and dismiss the importance of your participation in your treatment wellness plan which is your right according tom the Patient Bill of Rights, and waste your time with useless solutions while taxpayers pay a premium for worthless chatter and psycho-babble.  

                     More International Relationships Demands Holistic Counselors

Love is NORMAL.  HATE over another's choices is NOT!     If your counselor does not listen to you, GET RID OF THEM and find someone you can relate to with mutual respect.  THAT IS YOUR RIGHT!  Rich, middle-class, or poor, biracial or international relationship deserve a standard of care that helps improve your quality of life using all available options, not just the narrow-minded symptoms-based ideology that is antiquated by world global standards.  Research has provided many options traditional therapists simply have no training in whatsoever, yet ignorantly, they have an opinion about these options.  That's like someone saying to you they don't like lamb and has never tasted it!  Is that rational?  But that is the close-mindedness of foolish, inadequate, ill-prepared traditional approaches to therapy.  Holistic therapy treats the whole person.  You are not a diagnosis.  You are a person who deserves a collaboration of multiple disciplines in healing. Research reports those clients to have the best outcomes.


Stressed Out Woman contemplates holistic counselingEast Indian couple having conflicts requiring holistic counseling intervention  Whatever your struggles, GOD says, you will reach full maturity and overcome with the help of a godly counselor He has anointed to teach/educate you in the area of life you are challenged in.  As a Master Gardener, and winner of the Best Garden Award out of a 1000 home community I lived in, there has never been a tree or plant I planted that did not grow and reach full maturity.  Don't ever believe anybody who tells you that addiction is life-long.  That defies God's promise and His WORD. Babies grow up and become healthy functioning adults.  Those that get injured along life's journey don't stay in hospitals all their lives.  With proper treatment, they heal.  They mature with life experience.  You are no exception.  Believe GOD over foolish secular-humanist counselors who put their limited knowledge above the ALL-KNOWING WISDOM of GOD!

PUT GOD FIRST!  (Matthew 6:33), pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you to a godly counselor.  Email me your stories with secular counselors if you have tried them and godly counselors, after you have put GOD first.

Barnes Holistic Counseling Healing & Wellness Groups takes shape in Phillipines     I want to thank the many church pastors and leaders who referred clients to us.  We appreciate your confidence and trust.  It has been and continues to be my greatest honor as a man of GOD to serve the LORD's people and to help them overcome conditions inherited through no fault of their own. At BHCTI, we help individuals, families, and groups discover God's pathway of healing, naturally.  Come and explore the educational research which substantiates alternative non-drug therapeutic approaches that can enhance your life through the amazing benefits of natural substances, essential oil therapy, healing foods, detox therapies, and other methods that balance the body, the mind, and our emotions.  From me, Dr. William Barnes and my staff, enjoy the holidays!

 Troubled Teens Counseling, Bullied Teen, Depressed Teenager, Teenage Counselor, Adolescent Counselors
  At BHCTI, we employ a holistic multi-disciplinary wellness research-based approach to holistic cognitive-behavioral therapy.  This approach to wellness considers global research "best-practices" combining the best of Eastern and Western healing therapeutic modalities.
     Our protocols are backed by the scientific and quantum physics treatment communities and are not limited to the allopathic traditional medical model of disease.       

     Come to a relaxed warm community mental health agency where trained licensed mental health counselors, therapists, licensed clinical social workers, are available to help you with your holistic counseling needs.

   The spirit, mind, and the body frequently experiences emotional trauma, physical injury, organic degeneration, infection, and/or insult as a result of deprivation, genetics, negative life experiences, negative self-talk, low self-esteem, neglect, unmet needs, and present as organic deterioration and degenerative processes. We view all these processes as connected and must be treated in totality in order for the person to return to a balanced state of homeostasis, which we refer to as holistic wellness. 

[IMPORTANT UPDATE: Barnes Holistic Counseling is currently NOT accepting MEDICAID or Commercial Insurance patients or patients seeking psychiatric or med management services.  Please contact your insurance provider for recommendations for psychiatry and agencies that accept insurance.  We are 100% Holistic (Whole Person) in our wellness approach.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of our many approaches depending upon the diagnosis and best-practices recommendations from the global  wellness community.]

Disclaimer:  BHCTI provides counseling services under the auspices and authority of the Father's House International Ministries, a non-denominational, non-secular, Christian Church. We utilize a Master's Degree or higher qualified counselor trained in mental health, clinical social work, psychology, theology, and complementary alternative medicine. From various fields of specialty, BHCTI provides a multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach to wellness and mental health.  The information on this site has been researched for accuracy and is presented here for educational purposes only.  It should not be used to diagnose, treat, or be used in any specific medical situation.  Please consult your doctor in the treatment of any specific illness or disease. Copyright 2008 - 2020 Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute, LLC.  - All rights Reserved ©
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