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My bullying story
Firstly, I am 16 years old, not ten.No one deserves to be bullied, words can hurt people. If you want to talk, send me a personal message on YouTube, Ask me a question on my tumblr fairyflosspubes.t...
Whole Communities Challenged to Stop Bullying

  On September 21, 2011 US Dept of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius addressed the Second Annual Federal Youth Bullying Prevention Summit in Washington, DC.

   Bullying is a national problem affecting every community, every school, every classroom in America.  "According to Secretary Sebelius, "
When community members are motivated to take on bullying and have the tools to help them do it, we will start replacing the old norm of bullying with a new norm of, standing up to bullying, and ultimately, creating communities of respect and tolerance. That work is underway around the country, but we have a long way to go."  

   The counselors at BHCTI hear from kids the horror stories of being picked on. Too often, many are reporting the distressing phenomenon of being ignored by the person(s) charged with protecting them.  As one child states it, "I tell the teacher repeatedly but nothing happened and after being spat into the face, I couldn't take it anymore and I fought back."  

Fortunately for this child, his suspension was repealed after school video cameras showed he was telling the truth and the bully, a girl, was reportedly disciplined.  What remains unclear and still unanswered though is why he was ignored and suspended.   

Didn't his self  
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Cyclothymic Disorder
Its about a form of bipolar disoder!!!!!!
esteem deserve the consideration of a camera review and then a decision?  Doesn't justice demand in the school system the same dignities for kids as adults in the larger society deserve and theoretically get?  I say theoretically because of the shocking discovery reported by CNN a couple of days ago  that there is no law against putting to death an innocent person so long as they have had a fair trial.  Think about that! 

   Secretary Sebelius called for communities to accept responsibility for changing the climate of fear kids are experiencing in schools.   "I’m glad to report that, while a lot of work remains to be done, the federal response to bullying has never been as well organized or coordinated as it is today....We can provide a limited amount of resources. But ultimately, you’re the ones on the front lines. You’re the ones taking on bullying one state, one community, one classroom, one child at a time."click here to read more..

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   At BHCTI, we employ a holistic multi-disciplinary wellness research-based approach which takes into consideration "best-practices" therapeutic modalities combining the best of Eastern and Western healing therapies. Our protocols are backed by the scientific and quantum physics treatment communities and are not limited by the allopathic traditional medical model of disease.  

         Disclaimer:  BHCTI provides counseling services under the auspices and authority of the Comforters House International Ministries, a non-denominational, non-secular Christian Church. We utilize Master's Degree or higher qualified counselors trained in mental health, clinical social work, psychology, theology and complimentary alternative medicine, prepared from various fields of specialty to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness.  The information on this site has been researched for accuracy and is presented here for educational purposes only.  It should not be used to diagnose, treat, or be used in any specific medical situation.  Please consult your doctor in the treatment of any specific illness or disease. Copyright 2008 - 2014 Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute, LLC.  - All rights Reserved ©
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