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Dedicated to Providing Help and Guidance

Is like being born again and experiencing a new you that you like and feel good about!

Yes, you can live without fear!


Mission Statement

To provide holistic counseling and wellness education; To provide holistic therapeutic educational and faith-based counseling services to clients through individual, family, and group sessions, workshops, and other holistic wellness educational & therapeutic modalities. To advance recognized non-drug-based solutions known worldwide for their efficacy, based upon global best-practices research, and to increase awareness of holistic counseling and wellness products that aid in the healing of our emotions and help us with environmental stressors.

Our Mission

Barnes Holistic Counseling Therapies Institute, LLC (BHCTI), operating under the non-profit auspices of The Father's House International Ministries is a holistic faith-based community mental health agency. Our mission is to promote and perpetuate the empowerment of communities via holistic counseling services, community education, and advocacy.

As a global voice for holistic wellness therapeutic counseling services and approaches to the treatment of mental health as health, we hope to provide communities with skilled therapists/providers who are not in the pockets of the corrupted disease-based model doctors, insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical drug pushers who have compromised the advancement of real medicinal solutions in America.

BHCTI's mission, under the auspices of The Father's House Global Ministries, a not for profit church, is to help people realize an improved quality of life by highlighting the importance of treating root causes of problems (emotional, psychological, psychiatric, physical, social, environmental, economic, and educationally) instead of a symptoms-approach through a multi-disciplinary, alternative, and holistic wellness approach to counseling and healing therapies; To treat and care for the whole person as God so directed His servants and to do so with integrity and to reclaim this complete message of the Gospel: the GOOD NEWS of spiritual, emotional, psychological, social, educational, financial & physical health.  To help communities thrive by strengthening their members and unifying them into a common love one for the other.

Our Vision

Our Vision, simply put, is to see humankind made whole--- whole in spirit, whole in mind, whole in body.

     Peace of mind and body escape millions of people in America alone. Stress, negative self-talk, brain chemo-emotional imbalance, traumatic experiences, the physical effects of premature aging resulting from a poor diet, under-diagnosed, misdiagnosed, and wrongful diagnoses of physical and mental ailments, overprescribing of toxic medications, mental illness, dysfunctional relationships, psychological and emotional trauma, and alcoholism and drug abuse are some of the greatest human challenges of the 21st century.

     Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, eating disorders (anorexia & bulimia), and obesity are occurring at alarming rates. Our vision is to be Christian counseling and holistic therapeutic health facilitators of God's promise to humanity; "He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness (right understanding; God's way of thinking and doing right) for His Namesake." --Psalms 23:2-3 International Bible.

"You are a spiritual being. Secular humanistic solutions to spiritual problems that present with physical or psychological symptoms and/or diseases as well as emotional conflicts cannot be solved by medications, the disease model of addiction, or a sick-care healthcare system as represented by the drug-biased institutions and practitioner- lobbied healthcare providers by pharmaceutical manufacturers.   It's a trillion-dollar scam that has corrupted most doctors into maintaining a sick-care process that does not offer the best benefit to patients or the weak or infirmed in body or mind. "

 - Bishop Dr. W T Barnes

Our vision of wellness redefines the concept of health, healing ideology, and wellness.

     We are a Faith-based community mental health / holistic therapeutic agency and practice- ministry,  founded on biblical principles. We are a hybrid organization of servants serving humanity in the spirit of excellence with integrity and with compassion for our community, our nation, and our world. 

     We have established a reputation for reaching the lost and broken and to minister and serving them with the utmost level of dignity and respect.

     We are recognized for our dedication to academic and spiritual excellence, mentoring future leaders, and supporting spiritual leaders.

     Our environment inspires maximum participation, promotes personal satisfaction, and supports and molds effective leadership. We help people overcome the issues of life through eclectic best-practices therapeutics.

Our Commitments 

  • Influencing generations by the power of our vision and by modeling the way.

  • Effecting behavioral change that transforms the human spirit, mind, and body utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapeutic treatment strategies

  • Being accountable for our every word and action.

  • Treating each other with dignity and respect.

  • Encouraging personal growth by developing and empowering people - building on strengths!

  • Improving the organization by improving ourselves with continuing education.

  • Capitalizing on our strength of ethnic diversity and teamwork.

  • Leaving a legacy of hope and promise to future generations using a variety of tools and therapies to facilitate stability in the lives of our clients

Our Focus

  • Be the industry leader in what we do through the integration of global research and cutting-edge practices.

  • Operate the business professionally, efficiently, ethically, and morally.

  • Utilize a well-trained, competent, responsible, people-building team model.

  • Support our clients, partners, and members to achieve their potential by building on strengths.

  • Provide result-focused holistic counseling therapeutic client-centered multi-disciplinary wellness programs and Support Groups.

  • Increase communication and information on global strategies and treatments to individuals empowering them to exercise real choice and genuine participation in the approaches to wellness best suited to their cultural dynamic, with respect.

Driven by a spiritual understanding of the relationship between spirit, mind, and body as it relates to wellness.

Utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, exposure therapy (also known as systematic desensitization therapy, EMDR, Trauma-Focused Therapy, homeopathic-natural holistic interventions, spiritual counseling-psychology, we help clients lead more meaningful, purpose-directed, and fulfilling lives.

Experiencing life within reasonable boundaries, nurturing the whole self, experiencing healthy emotions and relationships, and taking care of yourself before taking care of the rest of your world places value where it must first begin---with you! 

"It means reclaiming a healthy self-image and gaining a life-healing perspective of your spirit, mind, and body, according to a Divine plan initiated on your behalf by a Creator God who loves you, has a plan for your life, and Who acts entirely with your best interest at heart, as defined in the Judeo-Christian Bible, and the great religions of the world." -- Bishop Dr. W T Barnes

It means taking a journey on which you will discover the benefits of order -- soulful peace, peace of mind, increased physical wellness, and peace in spite of imperfections and the maturation process. Finally, we will help you acquire the skills needed to separate yourself from self-defeating beliefs, negative thoughts, tormenting emotions, distorted values, chemical dependence, and toxic choices which have been fundamental to the chaos that overwhelms. We help you treat root causes, not symptoms!

Disclaimer: BHCTI provides counseling services under the auspices and authority of the Comforters House International Ministries, and The Father's House International Ministries both of which are non-denominational, non-secular Christian Churches. We utilize a Master's Degree or higher qualified counselors trained in mental health, clinical social work, psychology, psychiatry, theology and complementary alternative medicine, prepared from various fields of specialty to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness. The information on this site has been researched for accuracy and is presented here for educational purposes only. It should not be used to diagnose, treat, or be used in any specific medical situation. Please consult your doctor in the treatment of any specific illness or disease.

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